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The Varied Topics of Ghostwriting

ghost writingI’ve done a lot of ghostwriting over the past few months. Most of this is typical content work that ends up somewhere in the back stacks of the Internet, driving traffic to the client’s web site.

My name is not on this content work, and that’s alright. It’s not usually masterpiece quality – just something to pay the bills. I simply take the money, as well as a little bit of amusement in the random things I’ve learned over the week.

For example, I’ve researched vintage cars, tourist attractions in Indianapolis and a college prep school in Dallas. I’ve become very familiar with the concept of online DJs, the process of renting a dumpster and what one would look for in a criminal defense attorney.

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The Content Farmer

farming for wordsThere once was a girl who could write. She could write very well, and given the time, might have even written a book.

Sadly, this girl also had bills to pay, student loans to fulfill and a growing family. Her decision earlier in the year to quit a job that, while somewhat maddening and stagnant, provided a steady paycheck was keeping her on her toes. There was very little time for creative fun and the generation of magic on paper.

Known to society as a “freelance writer”, this girl balanced herself between moments of excitement and inspiration and bouts of panic over her insistence to buy organic apples. If only she could grow content and fresh produce.

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Growing Up Freelance: 2 Months Later

So, as most of you now know, I quit my full time job with benefits in mid-late July. The plan was to become a spectacular freelance writer who creates articles, web sites, print publications, my own stellar blog and a successful novel or three. I had lots of energy and drive to spend eight hours a day marketing the hell out of myself, while working in healthy cooking and yoga.

Then, I found out I was pregnant. Yeah… I spent my first two days as a freelance writer in and out of the doctor’s office for blood work, an ultrasound and general anxious disruption. The following weeks, while lovely in the sense that I could sleep in and pander to my nausea and headaches, were not exactly freelance gold.

Fortunately, I never felt as though I’d made the wrong choice. I knew the drudgery of early pregnancy was only temporary (digits one over the other), and the relief I felt in being away from an unhappy work situation reminded me that managing my stress levels was one of the most important things for both me and the Grumpy Grape.

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Week Two:

It’s the end of my second week as a freelance writer. How time does fly.

As I expected, my situation is slowly becoming a bit more profitable, and I’ve gotten a little better at managing my time. I’m more adjusted to the schedule¬† (although perhaps sleeping a touch too late in the mornings), and doing a better job at eating actual meals.

I was surprised to realize how much I relied on an office atmosphere and my co-workers to ensure that I was eating at normal times and always had filling and tasty dishes on hand. Earlier this week it hit me that I’d been lamely snacking here and there, eating way too much cheese and neglecting the spinach. No more! I swiftly bought bananas and made some potato-kale soup.

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