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The Varied Topics of Ghostwriting

I’ve done a lot of ghostwriting over the past few months. Most of this is typical content work that ends up somewhere in the back stacks of the Internet, driving traffic to the client’s web site. My name is not … Continue reading

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The Content Farmer

There once was a girl who could write. She could write very well, and given the time, might have even written a book. Sadly, this girl also had bills to pay, student loans to fulfill and a growing family. Her … Continue reading


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Growing Up Freelance: 2 Months Later

So, as most of you now know, I quit my full time job with benefits in mid-late July. The plan was to become a spectacular freelance writer who creates articles, web sites, print publications, my own stellar blog and a … Continue reading


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Week Two:

It’s the end of my second week as a freelance writer. How time does fly. As I expected, my situation is slowly becoming a bit more profitable, and I’ve gotten a little better at managing my time. I’m more adjusted … Continue reading


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