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Freelance Connections: Kindred Clients

kindred spirits Anne Green Gables

There was no question about the image that would accompany such a title.

I don’t make a habit of becoming overly friendly with my clients. While there is certainly always pleasant chit-chat and some insight into personal lives, we’re both there to get a job done, and don’t tend to form deep, personal connections.

At the moment, I’m working with a local custom home builder, and part of that work is developing biographical material for their site. The designer – a woman I believe to be around my own age – sent me an email the other day with some information about who she is and what she likes. I was glad to see that she enjoys cooking from scratch, makes a serious effort to lessen her impact on the environment and uses humor as therapy.

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The Content Farmer

farming for wordsThere once was a girl who could write. She could write very well, and given the time, might have even written a book.

Sadly, this girl also had bills to pay, student loans to fulfill and a growing family. Her decision earlier in the year to quit a job that, while somewhat maddening and stagnant, provided a steady paycheck was keeping her on her toes. There was very little time for creative fun and the generation of magic on paper.

Known to society as a “freelance writer”, this girl balanced herself between moments of excitement and inspiration and bouts of panic over her insistence to buy organic apples. If only she could grow content and fresh produce.

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