Week Two:

It’s the end of my second week as a freelance writer. How time does fly.

As I expected, my situation is slowly becoming a bit more profitable, and I’ve gotten a little better at managing my time. I’m more adjusted to the schedule¬† (although perhaps sleeping a touch too late in the mornings), and doing a better job at eating actual meals.

I was surprised to realize how much I relied on an office atmosphere and my co-workers to ensure that I was eating at normal times and always had filling and tasty dishes on hand. Earlier this week it hit me that I’d been lamely snacking here and there, eating way too much cheese and neglecting the spinach. No more! I swiftly bought bananas and made some potato-kale soup.

My original work space set up was a complete fail. It was simply too hot in that back room of the finished attic, even with a fan and chugging window unit. I spent a couple of days working on the bed, but am now camped at the dining room table. It works, although it’s far too easy to notice the plants that need watering and the dishes that need washing. On the other hand, I think being down here helps with the diet improvement.

I’ve been more well-behaved about doing actual work this week, and even managed to get accepted to write for a start up blog AND spend some time writing notes on the novel I’m editing for a friend. It’s all about balancing the business with the personal, and doing a little bit of each every day.

Oh, and I’ve kept up with the three blog posts a week for two full weeks now. A crowning achievement.

So, all in all, I am neither famous or rich, but am certainly farther from a nervous breakdown than I’ve been in months. Thus, I think we must still err on the side of success.

Thanks for reading!


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3 Responses to Week Two:

  1. Mary Kay Borst - Reilly- Mitchell

    I’m impressed with how you’re managing your time with your new position.
    Remember, there are plenty of places you can work in this house that are air conditioned. This could be your office away from home. Maybe if you’re around more often, I’d get skinny. LOL I have to watch my Ps and Qs when you’re around, right? Love You!

  2. Bravo! I’ve been out as a freelance writer for about a year now, and it’s taken me until this week to get a blog up and running. I look forward to reading about your (hopefully VERY lucrative) journey!

  3. Katie

    Hi Ruth!

    Getting a blog going was a little more work than I’d anticipated, and although I’ve had it for about two years, I’ve only recently started posting with any regularity. All the best with yours (and YOUR freelancing), and thanks for stopping by!

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