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Week Two:

It’s the end of my second week as a freelance writer. How time does fly.

As I expected, my situation is slowly becoming a bit more profitable, and I’ve gotten a little better at managing my time. I’m more adjusted to the schedule¬† (although perhaps sleeping a touch too late in the mornings), and doing a better job at eating actual meals.

I was surprised to realize how much I relied on an office atmosphere and my co-workers to ensure that I was eating at normal times and always had filling and tasty dishes on hand. Earlier this week it hit me that I’d been lamely snacking here and there, eating way too much cheese and neglecting the spinach. No more! I swiftly bought bananas and made some potato-kale soup.

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Week One:

Well, it’s Friday.

It’s kind of weird that it doesn’t mean the same thing it did a week ago.

My first week as a freelance writer has flown by. Without going into detail, I’ll just say that while it’s been nice to have the time to deal with the curve balls life throws at you, it’s been tough making the time for work. When you’re allowed to let real life be your priority, you go with it.

Of course, that’s not to say that nothing work-related got done. Not by a long shot. Today, I am much more aware of the realities of my choice to abandon steady employment, but I am also more prepared to explore my options and take them up on what they have to offer.

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