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The Kind of Work I Love

stick figure girl at computerBecause I am a work at home mom, my freelance writing career might not be as vibrant as others’. My time for networking, seeking new clients and hanging out at local events where there might be needy editors and publishers is very much limited.

Still, every now and then I get to work for a new client, and sometimes, it’s even a really good one. This week I did a project for a client who is not only reasonable and trustworthy, but local and nice to talk to.

Even better, he offered me the sort of work that I truly enjoy – a sizable, thoughtful document that needed editing. Jobs like this involve organization, writing, rewriting and thinking on both detailed and big picture levels. Gigs of this type remind just how much of a textuality nerd I am.

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Week One:

Well, it’s Friday.

It’s kind of weird that it doesn’t mean the same thing it did a week ago.

My first week as a freelance writer has flown by. Without going into detail, I’ll just say that while it’s been nice to have the time to deal with the curve balls life throws at you, it’s been tough making the time for work. When you’re allowed to let real life be your priority, you go with it.

Of course, that’s not to say that nothing work-related got done. Not by a long shot. Today, I am much more aware of the realities of my choice to abandon steady employment, but I am also more prepared to explore my options and take them up on what they have to offer.

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