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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Anticipating copious amounts of parade candy…

Turns out March is about as busy as December around here.

But that’s no excuse to not wish you and yours a season bursting with music, good food and every beautiful shade of green there is.

So far we’ve had Family Day, the parade and a solid Saint “Practice” Day. The 17th itself will be a nice combination of third birthday fun and shenanigating down at the pub.

Over the last week we’ve had a lot of sun and no new snow, and there’s nothing so lovely as seeing grass and wide sidewalks as we head out to the festivities. Just makes everything that much better.

Whether you’re celebrating or not, take a minute to enjoy the waning of winter… it can never come too soon.


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March is So Here

Finally, the bulk of Winter is over and the Glorious Month has arrived.

March is the month of my favorite holiday, the arrival of my dearest season and the birth of my fabulous daughter. I’ve already got a bottle of Bushmills in progress, and the Lucky Shamrock candle is making the house smell like fresh grass.

It may still be white and bare out of doors, but green sweaters and musings on three year birthday cakes are taking over.

So ready.

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Backwards Time Birthday

spacetime birthday cakeIt’s my birthday, and I’m now months short of the age my mother was at my birth in 1980.

This has been a year in which I’ve reconnected with earlier versions of myself, and I dig it.

Also to be dug is this article on the Backwards Time Mirror Universe. It’s about a “parallel” universe where we’d perceive time to run backward. It’s a little over my head, but so awesome, and fitting, considering the statement of the last paragraph.

Oh, and I’m going to my first real hair appointment in four years (to the day). This is very exciting. If the snow keeps holding off and the sun peeks out for even a few minutes, it’ll be another great December 10.

Happy Wednesday!

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Lentils and a Birthday

cutting board fresh vegetables bulger I mentioned last week that I’ve been feeling the need to “get back on the wagon,” so to speak. October was fun, but it came with too much sugar and too little exercise.

So, last night, we had lentils and vegetables with roasted roots. The intent was to make lentil loaf and mashed potatoes, but I was short on legumes. I also cooked some chickpeas for an almost-vegan “cheese” sauce. It’ll likely end up on macaroni tonight.

As the Halloween candy dwindles and the days get shorter, I foresee more time spent putzing around the kitchen. Hopefully it’ll result in some new quinoa and persimmon recipes, rather than an over-indulgence of seasonal Leelanau wine and pasta casserole. Hopefully there’s a fine balance of all of that.

For something completely different, it’s my baby sister’s birthday. A few years back today, an overjoyed almost-five-year-old met a puffy, six pound redhead who’s since turned into just about the most intelligent, hilarious, poised and reliable person I know. She’s also a knockout with knacks for food and fashion. Heads up, Bella – the planning for your 30th starts today.

And it’s Hump Day.

vamp contacts yoko costume halloween

Spooky Ginger Vamp and her sister Yoko

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Beck & GOASTT Blow My Mind

The GOASTT Midnight Sun CD

Yeah, I bought a CD. Whatever.

First things first – it’s my husband’s 35th birthday today. I am so honored to have spent 15 years with this man, and look forward to many more. Happy Birthday, my love!

So, I’ve been hyping his gift for weeks now. I bought the tickets on May 9, but tried to forget about them until this past week. We’re both Beck fans, though he might have the edge over me a bit. Either way, I started getting periodic anticipatory mind spasms around Thursday, and was positively giddy by Saturday morning.

Little did I know I was also in for a surprise. A big one. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned my devotion to all things Beatle on this blog. I got hooked when the anthology came out in 1995 and never looked back. That fandom led me to explore artists connected to the Beatles, including wives and children. Of all of them, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon have certainly made the most impact. I requested Sean’s album Into the Sun for Christmas 1998, became mildly obsessed with Friendly Fire a decade later and am just discovering how much I love his collaboration with girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger (GOASTT).

Just after 8pm on Saturday, we were settled into our orchestra seats with our beers and our excitement. Figures took the stage, and I noticed one wore a distinctive wide brimmed hat. The lights came up, and I died, because the face and voice beneath the hat were unmistakable. Lennon announced The GOASTT, and the band went right into a psychedelic soundscape that defied any warm blooded individual to sit still.

I was exhausted by the end of the set, still in disbelief that I’d just seen an artist I’ve always found to be not only highly talented, but able to take on new forms and styles with astounding, surreal ease. I admit that I was also swooning over the fact that I’d seen my favorite Beatle’s son. I really can’t begin to describe the experience with any accuracy.

Beck, of course, was like a second wave of disbelief and mindgasm. The 13 year-old me seeing Loser for the first time on MTV would never have believed I’d be seeing him live 20 years later. He looks exactly the same.

It’s rare for us to get to a show, let alone a performance on this scale. If there was any shred of guilt over what I spent on the tickets, it’s long, long gone.

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March 17, 2014

toddler girl sunglasses Irish paradeToday, my daughter turns two.

Today is also Saint Patrick’s Day.

Obviously, there’s a lot going on over here.

I wish you a glorious Monday. Listen to a little Irish music, if you’re so inclined. Make some merry.

Hug a leprechaun.


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Have a Holly, Jolly Birthday!

woman face blue hat winter I was due to be born on December 20, 1980.

I was, in fact, born on December 10, 1980, right in the middle of my parents’ move to their newly built home.

My feeling is that I dodged a nearing bullet with those 10 extra days. My mother, however, might have disagreed at the time.

Having a non-summer birthday is bad enough, but celebrating this close to Christmas makes it even less ideal. I have to stop and say – please don’t think that my birthday was ever over-shadowed, or that I’m to be pitied. My family and friends have always been more than generous, and I have every reason to be appreciative.

Still, the older I get, and especially after having Iris, it becomes harder to get excited about my birthday. The tree is up, gift lists are made and I’ve even given into the music (but not the sappy crap. I hate sappy, sentimental Christmas music, and there is oh so much of it…). And really, unless they raise the drinking age to 41, those milestones don’t hold the same excitement.

I suppose I should look on the bright side, count my blessings for those 10 extra days, and get over it. But in reality, I’ve got my eye on June 10. I am literally jubilant in May and June, and would probably make a better birthday girl then anyway.

For the moment, my birthday is still December 10, and I plan to celebrate with a donation, a dance party with my child (who has her own sense of comedic holiday timing) and probably pasta. Bring on 33!


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Stop 31: Bang Bang Shrimp, Free Creme Brulee and NA Beer

birthday dessert

Saturday was my birthday.

There’s no better way to celebrate than eating, I think. I also decided to do nothing practical with my computer.

My husband presented me with a gift of 12 red roses and yoga socks shortly after midnight. Hours later, after we got up for the day, he made me a big veggie omelet. Not once did he complain about the bowl of cucumber slices soaking in apple cider vinegar in the fridge. I know this was a particular challenge for him.

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I Gots Biiiiills!

frelance writing from home

Dearest freelancing lifestyle, I yet have so much to learn about you.

One of the things we give up when we leave employee status is the guarantee of a regular paycheck. Presumably, our gigs and a staggered pay schedule will fill in the gaps.

Of course, this assumes that people pay you for work within a two week period. But as I have learned, if there is no contracted pay plan, it might take folks a while longer to get that check in the mail.

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