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Midwinter Dinner Date

It had been too long since my husband and I experienced date night. I made some Iris arrangements (with the help of an endlessly generous friend), asked him out, and on Saturday night we treated ourselves. Way back at Christmas … Continue reading

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Quandries of the Flesh

If you search “fish and chicken” in Google images, you get a surprising number of chicken-fish, fish-in-chicken, chicken-in-fish images that range from the oddly realistic to the freakish graphic novel variety. Oh, what a wild world, this realm we call … Continue reading

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Stop 31: Bang Bang Shrimp, Free Creme Brulee and NA Beer

Saturday was my birthday. There’s no better way to celebrate than eating, I think. I also decided to do nothing practical with my computer. My husband presented me with a gift of 12 red roses and yoga socks shortly after … Continue reading


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