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The Parting Glass

smiling couple on St. Patrick's DayVeering from the script today to remember one of my favorite people.

Seamus was born in Derry, Ireland in 1940. I don’t know when he came to Michigan, but I believe it was close to 40 years ago.

I’m not certain, but I seem to remember him saying he’d not been back since. His twin sister still lives there to this day, and his children made their own pilgrimage as young adults.

He has a wife, two living children, four grandchildren, and one son who passed away several years back.

I first saw Seamus when he spoke to my college Irish history class about growing up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Not too much later I saw him manning the door at the local Irish pub, and decided to introduce myself.

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Stop 31: Bang Bang Shrimp, Free Creme Brulee and NA Beer

birthday dessert

Saturday was my birthday.

There’s no better way to celebrate than eating, I think. I also decided to do nothing practical with my computer.

My husband presented me with a gift of 12 red roses and yoga socks shortly after midnight. Hours later, after we got up for the day, he made me a big veggie omelet. Not once did he complain about the bowl of cucumber slices soaking in apple cider vinegar in the fridge. I know this was a particular challenge for him.

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