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Gold Beet Soup with Grains and Greens

gold beet carrot onion grain vegan soup

Say that title five times fast.

You may remember my little ode to beets from a few weeks back. Now, I’ve discovered gold beets. The photo above does not do them justice (I never claimed to be a photographer). Simply lovely are these delicate relatives of the more familiar red beet.

There is nothing terribly impressive about this Haphazard Recipe. I’ve been trying to buy fruits and veggies that are new to me, and work them into my cooking and eating habits. As the weather gets cooler and the evenings darker, no answer was easier for the gold beets than soup. Happily, I found a basic recipe that included the greens, and took it a little further with the addition of grains and carrots.

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Pesto Barley

barley close up

I had a bag of pearled barley sitting in my pantry for literally years. Unlike my interlude with quinoa, my decision to open that bag was influenced by a serious case of Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.

The word “barley” always sounded like an herb to me, not a grain. When I bought the stuff, I was surprised to see that it looked like fat rice. I figured at some point I’d add it to soup, and that is exactly what I did.

My final soup product was incredibly hearty with black eyed peas, numerous veggies and the cooked barley.

Problem was, I’d made way more barley than I needed. It just sat in the fridge while the rest of my food supply continued to dwindle as we approached pay day.

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Creamed Tex-Mex Soup

cream soup in bowlI’ve finally tried my hand at cream based soups.

This happy event only came about because I’ve been on a bit of a pumpkin pie kick, and insist on making my own organic cinnamon whipped cream to go with it. The only thing to do with the leftover cream was my favorite fall food – soup.

The first time I made a basic corn chowder, which was good but not very original.

The second time I had items to use up, namely kale and prepared black beans. I decided to go with a Mexican (Tex-Mex?) feel, and ended up with a sort of vegetarian white chili. Can you say Haphazard Recipe?

Warning: When making soup I never measure; it’s all by feel. This is the basic recipe:

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