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Gold Beet Soup with Grains and Greens

gold beet carrot onion grain vegan soup

Say that title five times fast.

You may remember my little ode to beets from a few weeks back. Now, I’ve discovered gold beets. The photo above does not do them justice (I never claimed to be a photographer). Simply lovely are these delicate relatives of the more familiar red beet.

There is nothing terribly impressive about this Haphazard Recipe. I’ve been trying to buy fruits and veggies that are new to me, and work them into my cooking and eating habits. As the weather gets cooler and the evenings darker, no answer was easier for the gold beets than soup. Happily, I found a basic recipe that included the greens, and took it a little further with the addition of grains and carrots.

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Spelty Spelty Spelt

spelt berries grain

Not all that long ago, I bought a bag of spelt berries. This is the latest advance in my crusade to vary our whole grains beyond the dominating wheat and brown rice.

Bottom Line: I do like barley better. However, I have a cooked batch and the rest of the bag, so we’re going to use it and enjoy it.

The Drawback: Rubbery texture from a thick skin. In all fairness, this could be due to the way I cooked the stuff.

The Upside: The taste is good. Nutty and a bit more complex than other grains. It also has this great color… a richer, redder brown than the tans and greys of oats, bulger and the rest of them.

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