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The Parting Glass

Veering from the script today to remember one of my favorite people. Seamus was born in Derry, Ireland in 1940. I don’t know when he came to Michigan, but I believe it was close to 40 years ago. I’m not … Continue reading


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The Freelance Classroom

This week in Freelance Activity of Various Sorts… On Monday and Wednesday, my book buddy and I audited a class about dead stuff. Those of you that know me know just how typical this is. For the rest of you, … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the World

The pudgy Hispanic boy two driveways over momentarily distracted the robin from his search. After a second’s pause, he returned his beak to the matted leaves in the gutter. There had to be a worm in there. Anything less was … Continue reading


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February 16, 1996 (which was a Friday)

I don’t markedly observe death dates. I don’t feel ‘down’ or visit the cemetery; I don’t mention the fact to those who don’t already know. I think about the significance of the date, sure, but I like to keep my … Continue reading


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The Night I Met Lurch

My husband works second shift in a cargo office at our local airport. My 9-5 is just minutes down the road, and I occasionally visit him afterward for a dinner date. What is airline cargo, you ask? Parts? Tools? Merchandise? … Continue reading


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Numbered in the 300 Millions

Have you even been convinced that you’re going to be a statistic? One little bump on the head, and you’re most certainly experiencing intracranial bleeding. A tired day and you have a rare form of cancer.

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April 17, 2010

My husband’s mother died. And before anything else, I’m telling you that she was a damn fine mother-in-law, the best I could have asked for. She always offered wisdom from experience, but never imposed her opinions in a way that … Continue reading

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