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Faces of the Irish

mom toddler girl tongue out

Girl likes to party.

Another Michigan Irish Music Festival under our belts. Iris is, obviously, an old pro.

We even managed to locate a decent amount of vegetarian/pescetarian food. Iris ate her weight in tuna wrap, enjoyed a hot chocolate and found an age appropriate dance partner.

Hubs and I decided to make Sunday domestically productive, and will look forward to free-flowing gutters come the next rain storm.

Quite a weekend.

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The Parting Glass

smiling couple on St. Patrick's DayVeering from the script today to remember one of my favorite people.

Seamus was born in Derry, Ireland in 1940. I don’t know when he came to Michigan, but I believe it was close to 40 years ago.

I’m not certain, but I seem to remember him saying he’d not been back since. His twin sister still lives there to this day, and his children made their own pilgrimage as young adults.

He has a wife, two living children, four grandchildren, and one son who passed away several years back.

I first saw Seamus when he spoke to my college Irish history class about growing up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Not too much later I saw him manning the door at the local Irish pub, and decided to introduce myself.

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(Wish I was a) Galway Girl

A couple of days ago, I heard from an old friend who’d spent the month of June in Ireland. It was really great to hear from him, as we’ve sort of lost touch over the past decade.

It was also great to sit back and enjoy some amazing pictures from his trip. It all reminded me that it had been far too long since I’d enjoyed anything Irish. There are moments when I really miss the days when I was at a live show every few weeks, tipping back Guinness every Wednesday and engaging in lively conversations with people that grew up in Derry and Donegal.

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Festivizing Irish Style

Today, I am making the annual pilgrimage to Muskegon, MI for the Michigan Irish Festival.

It’s raining and thundering outside.

And I couldn’t care less.

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Irish American

Born in a mitten

Wants an island

Dislikes extreme temps

Decides Ireland is perfect

Spends a week as the interesting foreigner

Is ok with being heritage-hyphenated.

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