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Quinoa Fridays

eggs sprouted quinoa

So, perhaps you know about my odd oatmeal-with-egg-and-hotsauce breakfast.

I’m still doing it most days of the week (though the technique is a little different). Iris also eats it, but with less hot sauce. In typical three year-old fashion, she swings between loving and hating cooked oats.

A while back, my sister-in-law was talking about her fondness for farro as a breakfast dish. I decided to try it in place of oats, and was pleasantly surprised. It got me thinking… could any grain work? I’d been trying to up my quinoa consumption, and thought this might be an easy way to do so.

Turns out I’m a genius. Or, maybe eggs and grain are just pretty tasty in general. Either way, I’ve now got the quinoa-egg breakfast in rotation, and have declared the last morning of the work week “Quinoa Fridays.”

My husband is amused at how excited this makes me every week. Whatever. Food is my favorite.



  • 1/4 cup dry quinoa
  • 1/2 cup water
  • dash dried, minced onion
  • dash dried cilantro
  • one egg of quality
  • hot sauce


  1. Pour the quinoa, onion, cilantro and water into a small sauce pan.
  2. Bring to a boil, then turn to a low simmer, cover, and let cook according to directions on quinoa package (maybe for a minute or two less).
  3. When the quinoa is nearly finished, crack in the egg, recover, and cook on very low heat for 5 to 10 minutes (until egg is to desired consistency).
  4. After turning off the heat, let the pan sit covered for a few more minutes. The steam will loosen any quinoa stuck to the bottom of the pan.
  5. Uncover, dash in a little hot sauce, and devour.

Happy Wednesday (Quinoa Friday Eve Eve)

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Savory Oatmeal & Egg Breakfast

savory oatmeal breakfast ingredients countertop

I eat oatmeal just about every day. For years I hated the stuff, and came around mainly because of how healthy, filling, easy and cheap it is.

Now, I can’t wait to consume my daily portion.

Lately, I’ve been opting to prepare a savory, rather than sweet, oatmeal breakfast. This originated with a habit I formed years ago of crushing a boiled egg into my plain steel cut oats, mainly to save time at work. It looked odd, but eggs with grain is really not so strange, and the yolk provided a rich flavor for the bland oats.

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brown hen stands in purple flowers

Once, I wrote about eggs and why they rock. Eggs are probably the main reason I could never be vegan.

Yesterday, a friend posted this article about egg labeling and pasture raised eggs on my Facebook wall. Because I’m a bit short on time, I’m using these links as a cheaty post, but I’m sincere in my passion about sharing this info with you.

This rating scale is linked to in the article, but here it is again, just for emphasis. We are big fans of eggs we get at the farmers’ market, though my favorite eggs come from the farm of the father of the aforementioned friend.

Have an eggy Wednesday!



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Why Eggs Rock

I love eggs, oh so much. They are the reason I could never truly go vegan. I love the way they look and taste. I even love the word. Egg. Eeeeeegg. Eg-g-g-g-g-g-g-g. Eggy. Just lovely.

As a vegetarian, I quickly realized the importance of eggs as a source of protein and iron. I figured it out a couple weeks in to the veggie-venture, when I started craving eggs like crazy – they were all I could think about.

Here’s a quick rundown of the nutrition we get from one typical, medium egg:

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Gettin’ Me Protein

Every vegetarian hears it: “But, where do you get your protein?”

I’m sure plenty of them don’t have a good answer. I know that the first time I tried cutting out meat, I did it totally wrong. Living on veggie subs, spaghetti and scrambled eggs does not a good vegetarian make. Living on salads isn’t a good idea either.

Nope. Folks who eat no meat need to load up on beans, nuts, quinoa, meat substitutes like tofu and tempeh, and, if one is not vegan, animal proteins like eggs and dairy.

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