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Savory Oatmeal & Egg Breakfast

savory oatmeal breakfast ingredients countertop

I eat oatmeal just about every day. For years I hated the stuff, and came around mainly because of how healthy, filling, easy and cheap it is.

Now, I can’t wait to consume my daily portion.

Lately, I’ve been opting to prepare a savory, rather than sweet, oatmeal breakfast. This originated with a habit I formed years ago of crushing a boiled egg into my plain steel cut oats, mainly to save time at work. It looked odd, but eggs with grain is really not so strange, and the yolk provided a rich flavor for the bland oats.

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Quick, Healthy Breakfast: Oats and Yogurt with Stuff

Irish quick oats and plain Greek yogurt Fage

This is something I eat for breakfast almost every day. It’s filling and healthy, and, depending on how you make it, can be very tasty.

The basic idea is to get whole grain, fruit and protein into the meal. So far, this is the fastest way I’ve found to do it.

Here’s what you need:

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