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Juj the Running Mantra

fireflies trees rain


I’ve never claimed or even wanted to be a worthy poet. But you have to do something with the brain while you jog through a humid evening. Thus:

Seneca smells like meat

and I’m beggin’ the sky

to bleed

rain to cool the skin

and wash away


I see grey clouds up above

and fireflies blinkin’ love;

Juj you cross my mind

and the memories are kind.

Has another storm come yet

to the house on Lafayette?

I blow a kiss your way

until Saint Patrick’s Day.

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“A Fundamental Disconnect”

pork steak lamb counter display

Getting back to my roots here, in a manner of speaking. I was inspired by a recent article about the supply and demand of the meat industry.

The point of the article is that the current meat industry exists as it does because consumers demanded it. Meat has long been a status symbol, and the people of the United States went a little nuts when they could produce a lot of it, and then eat it for cheap.

Let this sum it up:

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Quandries of the Flesh

chicken fish

If you search “fish and chicken” in Google images, you get a surprising number of chicken-fish, fish-in-chicken, chicken-in-fish images that range from the oddly realistic to the freakish graphic novel variety. Oh, what a wild world, this realm we call the Internet.

So, here’s the thing. My family is pescetarian. You can read about the beginning of, and reasons for, that lifestyle choice here, if you wish. Long story short, I stopped eating all animal flesh in the Summer of 2010, and reincorporated seafood about a year later. My husband has been pescetarian since the Summer of 2011. We typically eat lots of beans, a moderate amount of eggs and seafood once or twice a week. I eat very little dairy, keeping it mainly to plain Greek yogurt for breakfast.

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Gettin’ Me Protein

Every vegetarian hears it: “But, where do you get your protein?”

I’m sure plenty of them don’t have a good answer. I know that the first time I tried cutting out meat, I did it totally wrong. Living on veggie subs, spaghetti and scrambled eggs does not a good vegetarian make. Living on salads isn’t a good idea either.

Nope. Folks who eat no meat need to load up on beans, nuts, quinoa, meat substitutes like tofu and tempeh, and, if one is not vegan, animal proteins like eggs and dairy.

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