Why I Love Yoga

Colorful Buddha printI used to make fun of yoga as a typical, trendy form of exercise. Back then, my exercise was walking off the double cheeseburgers while I served them to my tables.

Then, one summer, very post-waitress and about to give up meat, I actually gave it a try. Words were eaten that night.

I think my first blissful sentence afterward was “If everyone in the world did yoga a few times a week, there would be no more war.”

Why do I love yoga? Here:

I love yoga because it is versatile. No matter what your physical situation – young, old, male, female, pregnant, arthritic, diabetic, tense, short, tall, overweight, underweight or perfectly healthy – there is a yoga that is designed for you. It can be fast and sweaty or slow and cooling.

I love yoga because it reduces stress. I’ve never walked away from a practice feeling uptight. And I can tell if it’s been a while since I’ve done yoga when I more regularly feel anxious.

I love yoga because it is strengthening. My arms, legs, back and everything else are stronger when I’ve been habitually practicing. I was reminded of this after not doing Zumba for nearly six weeks and being able to hold certain poses, even with an added six weeks of pregnancy. My balance was also, might I say, impressive for my bulk.

I love yoga because it is time tested and out of the East. They do things differently over there, and live in civilizations and with philosophies that were advanced when Western folks were starting crusades out of chronic ignorance.

I love yoga because it can be done cheaply at home by yourself or in upscale studios with other believers.

Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m never going to stop bugging you about trying a little yoga for yourself. You will love it.

While I enjoy my prenatal yoga programs, I very much look forward to getting back into Jenny Cornero’s routines. Her accent and rhythmic speech put me into a coma of happiness. If you can, check out her “Yoga for Health” videos.

Dear readers, please try this for yourself if you haven’t already. Seriously. Take 10 minutes, find a good clip on YouTube and stretch a little. If you like it, go get a $20 mat and incorporate 30 minutes of yoga into two days of your week. Your body will thank you, your wars will cease.


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4 Responses to Why I Love Yoga

  1. Jen

    Well, I do believe you have me convinced. I think that I am going to look up some YouTube videos and try it. :-)

  2. JennyC

    Thank you for writing this. You really feel Yoga…as I do.

    • Katie

      Hello! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I do feel like Yoga has opened up a whole new world for me. And, if you happen to be the Jenny I referred to in the article, I am deeply honored that you stopped by. If not, still very honored:)

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