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Freshened Green Bean Casserole

For the past several years, I’ve made green bean casserole for our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve always used fresh green beans, and have tried different things like adding carrots and sliced almonds. Last year, I decided to ditch the canned … Continue reading

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Between Vampires and Snow

Judging by the weather, you’d think we’d gone from Halloween to Christmas in the course of a week. Me? I’m getting used to shoveling the front steps as our jack-o-lanterns get buried, but am really hoping to see grass at … Continue reading

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A Lasting Hint of Citrus

“Do you remember how disgusting it seemed, that first time you drank a glass of blood? And now? It’s just sort of like, ‘Hmm.’” I looked around at the people gathered in the room. We were all relaxed, and happy. … Continue reading


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Raw Meat is Ga-ROSS!

Last weekend, I cooked turkey for the first time in a long time. I was making a soup for some friends who just had a baby, and as the mother is breastfeeding, I wanted to throw in enough protein and … Continue reading

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The Day After

I’m not even touching the fact that it’s Black Friday. I’ll just say that I don’t participate. It’s scary and and commercial out there. Even though I don’t go to an office, this was a short work week for me. … Continue reading

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