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Between Vampires and Snow

Judging by the weather, you’d think we’d gone from Halloween to Christmas in the course of a week.

Me? I’m getting used to shoveling the front steps as our jack-o-lanterns get buried, but am really hoping to see grass at least once more before April.

Please visit rosanevarez at deviantART for more images like the one seen at left. I think he’s just adorable, and reflects exactly how things are over here at the moment.



this year,

is so oddly caught between the vampires and the snow.

Each pushing against the other,

while faux-turkey gets baked…

somewhere in the middle.

And while I love the seasonal cooking,

the wine

and my new ability to bake a pie,

my heart is still in New Orleans.

New Orleans…

Where the immortals drink in 64 degrees

and dine on brass band all weekend.

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I Am a Winter Lump

snowman lump red hat scarf

That. That picture. That picture right up there.

That’s how I’m beginning to feel this winter.

Not because I’m depressed or lonely or fatigued. No. Because I just want to get out and move and the Snow. Just. Keeps. Falling.

I am a winter lump who is home bound and getting more misshapen by the minute. I dare not go for a run because I will fall or get frostbite. I miss half of my Zumba time because class gets cancelled or driving is too treacherous. I do yoga, but it just doesn’t give the same rush as continuous fast movement.

Couple this with a lot of time wrapped in blankets on the couch and too many caves to comfort food cravings and you’ve got that lumpy snowmoundman right up there. My almost two-year-old could take him down. My almost two-year-old did take him down.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think winter hunkering is great, and there’s a small part of me that relishes not having to do yard work or shave my legs. But this is beginning to feel like Narnia, and my inner hippie needs to run free on a beach that isn’t frozen over.

I’ve been really well behaved this year as far as not bah-humbugging and enjoying the cozy. Still, I’m confident that I’m not alone in my sentiments. When Spring does make her grand entrance, me and my sneakers are gonna give her what for.



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Winterfest 2014!

people on frozen lake snow

My husband’s step-family has a wonderful tradition called ‘Winterfest.’

Essentially, we get together somewhere with an expansive outdoor area, and spend hours drifting between sleds, four-wheelers, bonfires and tables of food and drink. It’s awesome.

At my first Winterfest in 2009, I forgot that I wasn’t 10 years old, and ripped the knees of my mom’s old snowpants when I tumbled during a rousing game of “Wolf.” I also ate squirrel. It was good – tasted like chicken.

This year, we gathered on the family’s 80 acre “resort,” which is actually the recently (officially) acquired plot of land, lake and cabins that the group has frequented as renters since the 1950s. The weather was perfect for it – cool and snowy but mild enough for us to spend a few hours by the frozen lake. Iris and I took a couple trips around the ice behind a four-wheeler, during which she uttered numerous “Whoa”s.

I still prefer the lake in the summer. And the cabins (dormant plumbing = communal bucket). But we had a wonderful weekend, rounding out the cold with the pool and card games at the hotel. Already looking forward to next year!

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A Little Warmth

I have to step back for a minute and pretend it’s summer.

For the most part, I feel like I’ve been doing really well this year – not being too much of a grinch, hating on the snow or dreading the frequency of social obligations. Having a child helps a lot. Small things like Christmas lights and falling snow take on a new magic when you watch someone else discover them.

But. This is the lull. My birthday has passed, Solstice and Christmas are well over a week away, and I want a break from the snow (which Just. Kept. Fallingthisweek).

My mood is less candlelight and hammered dulcimer, and a little more free-moving and laid back. There is anticipation and appreciation in the air. Things are good physically, mentally and professionally, and I just want to bask for a while.

So, as I’m due to be creative, please visit the letters to my ancestors (above links), and groove to one of my favorite live Umphrey’s McGee covers (above video). The footage is not the best available, and not from a show I attended, but this rendition and video of Toto’s Africa is where I am today.

Happy Friday!


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Warm, Green

ice on green leaves

The trees look better with leaves

and the grass looks much better when you can see it.

The roofs should be black;

the sky should be blue.

I see you, pretty winter

and raise you

no glass.


…sorry, just not feeling this cold front and snow thing. On a positive note, the days are definitely getting longer!


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