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arm muscles drawing

When arms are tired and achy


lifting to love the growing babe,

typing to make the money,

stirring and rolling to make the food,

pushing to hold the yoga pose and

tensing to hold the stress,

be glad you have them because some women don’t.

Be glad the only arms that concern you (at home, today) are your own

of flesh, blood and tissue,

and not those that kill children of all ages and races.

At approximately six percent of your body weight each,

your arms make life lighter.

If only we could hug them both at once.

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Between Vampires and Snow

Judging by the weather, you’d think we’d gone from Halloween to Christmas in the course of a week.

Me? I’m getting used to shoveling the front steps as our jack-o-lanterns get buried, but am really hoping to see grass at least once more before April.

Please visit rosanevarez at deviantART for more images like the one seen at left. I think he’s just adorable, and reflects exactly how things are over here at the moment.



this year,

is so oddly caught between the vampires and the snow.

Each pushing against the other,

while faux-turkey gets baked…

somewhere in the middle.

And while I love the seasonal cooking,

the wine

and my new ability to bake a pie,

my heart is still in New Orleans.

New Orleans…

Where the immortals drink in 64 degrees

and dine on brass band all weekend.

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Cooking in Big Pots

big blue pot on stove flameThere’s a lot of cooking in big pots at our house this time of year. It’s too cold, and the days are too short, to mess around with entrees, side dishes, etc. Just throw it all in a pot and we’ll eat it with some rice.

Now that Iris can eat just about anything, I’ve taken to giving her blended portions of whatever I’m eating. So far she’s tried homemade shells n’ cheese with veggies, bulger with salmon and veggies and a Mexican-inspired concoction of black beans, avocado, mild salsa, spinach and corn. I’ll tell you, earlier this week that child ate an amount of food that would almost put me to shame (if you’ve seen me eat, you know what I mean).

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