The Kind of Work I Love

stick figure girl at computerBecause I am a work at home mom, my freelance writing career might not be as vibrant as others’. My time for networking, seeking new clients and hanging out at local events where there might be needy editors and publishers is very much limited.

Still, every now and then I get to work for a new client, and sometimes, it’s even a really good one. This week I did a project for a client who is not only reasonable and trustworthy, but local and nice to talk to.

Even better, he offered me the sort of work that I truly enjoy – a sizable, thoughtful document that needed editing. Jobs like this involve organization, writing, rewriting and thinking on both detailed and big picture levels. Gigs of this type remind just how much of a textuality nerd I am.

It’s super awesome when someone calls you up, praises your writing, and then asks if they can pay you to perform a task you’re good at. This client spoke to me like the professional that I believe I am, and that kind of respect is priceless. It’s unfortunate that there are employers out there who have yet to grasp this… they’re missing out on some good folks around here!

But enough about my old boss.

Experiences like this make me wonder where my career would be if I had the freedom I planned on when I went freelance… Of course, Miss Iris is a totally fair trade off. I just can’t help a little speculation.


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