Cooking in Big Pots

big blue pot on stove flameThere’s a lot of cooking in big pots at our house this time of year. It’s too cold, and the days are too short, to mess around with entrees, side dishes, etc. Just throw it all in a pot and we’ll eat it with some rice.

Now that Iris can eat just about anything, I’ve taken to giving her blended portions of whatever I’m eating. So far she’s tried homemade shells n’ cheese with veggies, bulger with salmon and veggies and a Mexican-inspired concoction of black beans, avocado, mild salsa, spinach and corn. I’ll tell you, earlier this week that child ate an amount of food that would almost put me to shame (if you’ve seen me eat, you know what I mean).

She’s also been enjoying soups – lentil, cabbage, squash… She’s especially fond of a little bit of bread dipped in the soup and popped into her mouth.

In some ways this new phase is easier, and in others, it’s harder. The easy part is that she can eat almost anything we eat, and so I don’t always have to make sure there are several days of baby meals in the freezer. The hard part is that now I have this challenge to feed her a wider variety, but at the same time to not overdo the herbs and spices. Want to develop the palate – not bombard it.

Anyway, winter life is busy, and cooking in large pots has long been a method of sustainment – both physical and mental – for this summer lovin’ girl. I’m glad that it can fit into this whole parenting gig… one of the little things that I’ve found to appreciate.



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