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January is Blue

Blue and green are next to each other on the color wheel, but around this time of year, they couldn’t seem more opposite to me. When I look outside right now, I see white, gray and, if I’m lucky, a … Continue reading

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Seasonally Deviant

I’m breaking the rules. Considering my dislike for the cold, tendency to deal with SAD and passion for spring, I think I’ve done quite well with winter in recent history. Wonderful traditions like Winterfest and Chinese New Year, not to … Continue reading

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Cold, Fresh Air

I work hard at not hating winter, mostly for Iris’ sake. But, in all honesty, it’s tough to get excited about playing outside in this weather. So, I look to the benefits of getting out in the frigid air. Did … Continue reading

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Summer Cold

Summer Cold, we are not amused. Rattling throat, tissues used. Ricola wrappings liter the table, and to run my lungs are just not able. Take yourself to a colder season – lingering in heat lies beyond reason. We’ll meet again … Continue reading


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Pregnancy Weirdness

They always say that pregnancy does weird things to one’s body. Then they proceed to list things like constipation and heartburn and stretch marks – the same things that everybody lists… the things that really aren’t so weird when you … Continue reading


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