Summer Cold

kleenex box trees


Summer Cold,

we are not amused.

Rattling throat,

tissues used.

Ricola wrappings liter the table,

and to run my lungs are just not able.

Take yourself to a colder season -

lingering in heat lies beyond reason.

We’ll meet again when days are short,

your vengeance on this brief retort.


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2 Responses to Summer Cold

  1. Aunt Mar

    I just recently found out that I am basic allergic to the world. I’ve had sinus, ear and throat problems since I was little and it gets worse during Spring and Summer. Back in the 70′s I was tested and they said I wasn’t allergic to any pollens but I was to milk and wheat. I’ve had numerous sinus infections and ear/throat pain since December . I went for my yearly visit to my ENT I told him about the problem that this year had been really bad, and that sometimes I could wear my CPAP because of the blockage. He sent me for allergy testing and I found out I’m allergic to ragweed, weeds (5 types), grasses (3 types), trees (3 types), mites (2 types), plant parasite, soil, molds (5 types), cockroaches; cat/dog hair, feathers (3 types). Additionally the some foods contain the same allergens as the stuff above. None of my reactions are severe, they all relate to sinus problems and I start allergy injections last week. The purpose of all this info is to make you aware that you might have some sensitivities to different stuff and not really be a summer cold. Since everything is in full bloom there’s a lot of pollens floating around that may be causing your problem. Just something to consider if your summer cold doesn’t clear up in a day or so, or if it keeps coming back.

    • Katie

      Oh my! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with all of that, and appreciate the heads up. I’m assuming it doesn’t mean Louie is banished though ;)

      Interesting that you got the milk and wheat allergy diagnosis back in the 70s… seems like not much was heard about it until the last couple of decades. I hope those shots make a difference.

      The cough is slowly getting better as my lungs clear out, though the sinuses seem to react to some weather changes we’ve had recently. Funny, I never had much sinus trouble until pregnancy… :/

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