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Crunchy at the Beach

dirty toddler girl face campfireOn Saturday, one of the last days of that lovely month we call June, we went to visit our neighbors at their campsite on Muskegon Lake.

This was Iris’ first time getting truly dirty. I mean, she’s dug in the garden, been covered in her own soil and sweat and gotten oatmeal in her hair. But this was new. This was an occasion when getting dirty was basically the expectation. By the end of the day, our toddler was wearing her third outfit, and bore the residue of sand, asparagus, watermelon, dirt, red licorice, drool, smores and a hint of campfire scent (okay, more than a hint).

Needless to say, she had an amazing time. The level of partying was evidenced by the child awakening Sunday morning with her diaper around her right ankle inside her sleeper, and doing so two hours later than normal.

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Summer, One Year Later

mom and sleeping baby in inflatable pool

One year ago tomorrow was my last day of freedom.

Well, kind of. More specifically, July 10, 2011, was the last time I hung out with a friend and drank indulgent quantities of wine by large bodies of water without being concerned about caring for my child.

I probably would have behaved differently had I known I was four weeks pregnant. But I didn’t, so I didn’t.

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To My Ancestors: Ambitious Thanks

In this post, I made a vow to my long-dead relatives:

“In 6 months, I promise to thank you for freshwater beaches, piney woods, and a significant lack of hurricanes.”

Admittedly, it’s been seven months and two days, but fashionably late is typically my way.

And so, on this day of new beginnings, I thank you, ancestors, for settling in West Michigan.

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