Summer, One Year Later

mom and sleeping baby in inflatable pool

One year ago tomorrow was my last day of freedom.

Well, kind of. More specifically, July 10, 2011, was the last time I hung out with a friend and drank indulgent quantities of wine by large bodies of water without being concerned about caring for my child.

I probably would have behaved differently had I known I was four weeks pregnant. But I didn’t, so I didn’t.

It was a lovely day. The husband and I went to the beach with one of my favorite ladies, and then she and I continued the fun after he went to band practice. We walked the grounds of a 1920s mansion, stuffed our faces with luscious berries and sipped wine while dipping in and out of the pool and hot tub at her sister’s posh condo.

Hard to imagine that mindset now… I don’t think I’ll ever be that carefree again. At least not until Iris is safely grown and on her own. Even then, I imagine I’ll look for signs of her well being daily on whatever Facebook equivalent is in use 20 years from now.

Of course, it’s totally worth it. Still, there’s a part of me that will always envy my pre-parent self, if only because of the bliss of ignorance. But again, totally worth it.



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  1. A wonderful post. My wife and I could totally relate. But we did just return from our third summer trip to the mountains with our daughter–she turns three in the fall–and I have to say the trips have gotten more carefree each year. This year she ran up and down the hall of the hotel, pushed the elevator button for us, enjoyed the local swans, and even steered the car for me (ok, so it was an amusement park car, and I did most of the real steering, but she kept her hand on the wheel while watching the road very intently). And it is totally worth it…even though the first trip with us she barely noticed the world beyond her pacifier.

    • Katie

      Thank you! And good for you for taking those trips. I have a professor friend who’s young son (3ish) has already been to Italy and Ireland (for teaching gigs his parents had), and although he won’t remember those trips, it’s such a great thing for him to have done. While our vaca budget is slim, I may take some inspiration from your story:)

  2. Not much of a budget is needed for a stay-cation, especially with the scale of Iris. Your story about last year at the beach, accompanied by the photo in the pool, helped make the connection to our trip. That really is a large body of water for her, and these small carefree moments, especially during a baby’s nap, often feel as transporting as any vacation (with delightfully less packing).

    Hope you continue enjoying the summer with your mermaid in training!

    • Katie

      Very, very true. I guess it was a pretty carefree day. And I hope you enjoy your summer with your little lobster (am I remembering that Halloween costume correctly?)!

  3. Lobster indeed! Guess we all pass down our regional connections (I’m originally from Boston). Though you introduced me to the phenomenon of lake mermaids. A very cool midwestern variety. Not so different from the southern lobster.

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