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Into the Water!

family in lake water beach

Just some proof to document a real dip in the lake this summer. Not THE lake of course… Lake Michigan is just too cold this year.

We once again visited our lovely neighbors at their campsite, and the weather was perfect for a little Wabasis beach time. This is us before tucking in to a dinner of prawns, corn on the cob, veggies and grapes. Oh, and Manhattans.

Summer wins. Summer most definitely wins.

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Freelance January

people ice skating 1820s print

The people in this picture are obviously not living a 2013 Michigan January.

Happily, so far, our 2013 January has not been nearly that snowy, and no one’s asked me to wear a restrictive white lacy collar.

I admit I am sleepy. Although we’ve mainly avoided the nasty illnesses going around (knock on laptop), it’s still cold and dark and gray out there.

Work is making the time go faster, however. There were some supervisory changes at the company for whom I do most of my work, and that’s made the past several weeks both busier and smoother freelance-wise.

Of course, with Iris being 10 months old (as of yesterday), she’s also making the days very full… and frighteningly fleeting.

I love having a career, but on so many of these cold winter days, I really do wish I could cuddle up with her in a nest of blankets and watch The Tudors Weeds? Season 2 of Sesame Street.

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Dutch, Part 2 of ?

As hinted, I am going to make a biweekly departure from the ‘Friday Freelancer Report’ to bring you something a little spicier. This week, it’s the second installation of an experimental piece I started a number of years ago. For the beginning, check out Dutch, Part 1.


Like those post-Roman-treasure-loving warlords, who cared more about hoarding pretty bits of glass and whooping it up than patriotism and social reform, we forget that our actions will for centuries dictate to our descendants where they stand in the social hierarchy of contemporary construction.

Enter my ancestors -

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To My Ancestors: Ambitious Thanks

In this post, I made a vow to my long-dead relatives:

“In 6 months, I promise to thank you for freshwater beaches, piney woods, and a significant lack of hurricanes.”

Admittedly, it’s been seven months and two days, but fashionably late is typically my way.

And so, on this day of new beginnings, I thank you, ancestors, for settling in West Michigan.

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