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The Best of Two; The Worst of Two

We did a lot this weekend. A first birthday party on Saturday, and a bridal shower on Sunday. Both were lovely, with delicious food and great company. During each, Iris and her parents experienced the best, and also the most … Continue reading

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Sloshy Rainboots and A Dead Squirrel

It’s Wednesday, which dictates the post be somehow related to food or health or science or something practical like that. But I want to talk about Spring nature and toddler messes. So we’re going to call playing in alley puddles … Continue reading

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Oddities in Vegetarianism: Red Cabbage Smurf Child

It started appearing by the stove: Then I saw it perched on a barstool: Red cabbage seemed to be populating and migrating around my kitchen. I suspected the usual kitchen mess culprit: My Toddler.

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Crunchy at the Beach

On Saturday, one of the last days of that lovely month we call June, we went to visit our neighbors at their campsite on Muskegon Lake. This was Iris’ first time getting truly dirty. I mean, she’s dug in the … Continue reading

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