Numbered in the 300 Millions

Dali, Dream of a Virgin, sad, desolate, scared

Have you even been convinced that you’re going to be a statistic?

One little bump on the head, and you’re most certainly experiencing intracranial bleeding.

A tired day and you have a rare form of cancer.

The only truly fairy tale marriage IN THE WORLD and it’s bound to be cut short.





And all too possible.

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  1. Having seen first hand a true loving relationship torn apart too early, I can understand your direction with this poem. (My father died at age 36 of a heart attack, leaving Mom with 5 children and no course…) Mom lived 4 times longer without him than she did with him, but her love for him was just as strong the day she died as the day they married. They have been together again nearly 10 years now.

    • Katherine Reilly Mitchell

      Hi Liam,

      Thank you so much for sharing that. I love to hear stories about such long-term commitment, even when it’s cut short, so to speak.

      I think that everyone who loves the people around them worries about losing that, and it’s tough when we actually see it happen.

      All the more reason to truly appreciate it, I suppose:)

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