Happy Veggie Birthday to Me!

As of yesterday, I have been a vegetarian for exactly one year. The back story to that decision is here.

So, yay me! I wasn’t sure I could do it, but am happy to report that the adjustment was much easier than I’d anticipated, and that I do not feel a void – either emotionally, socially or nutritionally – in my life.

Now, I must admit one thing. I am, at this point, technically a pescetarian, meaning I occasionally eat seafood, though I try to do so with health and eco-responsibility at the forefront of my mind. I decided to reincorporate seafood mainly for health purposes – there’s no denying that fish offers numerous health benefits. It also makes eating anywhere other than home much simpler.

Beyond that, if you want to get really technical, I’m an ovo-semilacto-pescetarian. Ovo because I eat eggs (free range organic, please), semi-lacto because I have significantly reduced my dairy intake (that was kind of an accident, but has improved the digestion nonetheless) and pescetarian because I do eat seafood now and then (pesce is Italian for ‘fish’).

That’s about all I have to say about it. If anyone out there is considering going veggie, let me highly recommend it. Let me also say, however, that it is a learning process, and what works for some will not work for everyone. The top tips that come to my mind:

  1. Research research research. Know what nutrition you get from meat, and know how to replace it. There’s a lot more to it than protein…
  2. Eat beans! Black, lima, kidney, garbanzo, navy, red, butter, whatever! They are cheap and sooooooo good for you.
  3. Allow yourself to enjoy quality meat substitutes. This is everything from tofu to veggie burgers to ‘chicken’ nuggets. While it is a good idea to check the ingredients to make sure these items are not full of filler and other junk, most of them can make meal planning and potlucks a lot easier to manage.

All the best!

The pic is a Cyanide and Happiness comic strip:)


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