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Into the Water!

family in lake water beach

Just some proof to document a real dip in the lake this summer. Not THE lake of course… Lake Michigan is just too cold this year.

We once again visited our lovely neighbors at their campsite, and the weather was perfect for a little Wabasis beach time. This is us before tucking in to a dinner of prawns, corn on the cob, veggies and grapes. Oh, and Manhattans.

Summer wins. Summer most definitely wins.

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Fish: Part 1 of ?

mermaid swimming blue

The boat rocked so subtly that I barely felt it, though I could see the movement of the water beneath my face.

My vessel was small – just large enough to hold me and a basket of food and water. I’d consumed its contents, and was contentedly stretched out and peering over the edge.

Now and then I caught a glimpse of the fish darting around under the surface. I imagined a whole world down there, one I could only see through a curtain of liquid and reflection, and that was distorted by ripples and sediment. How strange that a place that looked so peaceful could prove deadly were I to enter it for more than a few minutes.

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Dutch, Part 1 of ?

Upfront: This is experimental.

“I am one and all of these, as they were all of these after being just the one.”


I am a product of the western European ooze effect. My ancestors slowly crawled over borders, into the lands of others, and assimilated themselves while foreigners crept into their lands and did their best to blend in. The result was a curling of culture around culture, name around name. The Dutch started sounding a lot like the Germans, and the Germans noticed their own resemblance to the French.

Like water, and blood, the branching and entwining bred life, and divergent livelihood. But in reality, they had all come from the same place, and simply made gradual alterations to a once common disposition.

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