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Traditional Tacos and Basic Rice Noodles

I can’t get enough. I have a problem. Please send help (by which I mean gift cards to Tacos El Cuñado and Pho Anh Trang).

Somewhere in my late-Winter/early-Spring attempt to get back on the healthy wagon, I overcame my craving for boxed mac-n-cheese and rediscovered east Asian and authentic Mexican food. Now, I’m finding any excuse to stop at the market’s taco counter, and steadily increasing my home supply of rice noodles (only because the preferred Vietnamese restaurant is on the other side of town).

First, the tacos. Forget greasy cheese, limp lettuce and meat sauce. These traditional-street-food babies bring together warm corn tortillas, vegan options like tempeh, rice and beans and nopales (cactus), pescetarian favorites like shrimp, and fresh pico de gallo and avocado. Most of that food is local, I might add. If I get a taco trio (for less than $10), that leaves me enough to do a tasting at the distillery a few steps away. Ok, just kidding (so far. Talk to me after this weekend).

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Skip the Antibiotics; Eat Chickpeas

Earlier this week, I read an article about the rising use of antibiotics in U.S. commercial livestock.

Makes me happy not to be supporting it with my dollars. My diet isn’t perfect, and I’m sure some of my money ends up in less than savory places. Still, not purchasing meat is an easy way to make at least a small difference. If everyone tried replacing just one weekly ground beef or chicken meal with a vegetarian version, we might see some changes in the industry.

Last night, I made my own version of this creamy chickpea casserole. I turned the chickpeas into hummus (with nutritional yeast), and used fresh tomatoes, onion, crimini mushroom and baby zucchini, and threw in some canned artichoke hearts. Healthy, tasty, filling and cheap!

Happy Hump Day!

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Me and the Cows: A Dairy Journey

black and white diary cows blue sky green grass

I am not a vegan. The main reason for this is that I love eggs so much. Also, I imagine being truly vegan is incredibly time consuming. And a lot of stuff vegans don’t eat is actually pretty good for us.

But I can get behind the whole cutting out dairy thing.

I know – insane. Who could live without cheese or Alfredo sauce or ice cream? And I’m talking the real stuff, not vegan versions made with soy or whatever.

However, while I am not living without these things, I do live with a lot less of them than I used to.

Biggest difference? Way. Better. Digestion. Waybetter.

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Zucchini Dogs

Yes, we’re still working through the zucchini that our huge plants keep producing.

The majority of it ends up getting diced and thrown in with quinoa or spaghetti. Recently, though, I decided to try something different – zucchini dogs.

Here’s how it went down:

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