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Me and the Cows: A Dairy Journey

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I am not a vegan. The main reason for this is that I love eggs so much. Also, I imagine being truly vegan is incredibly time consuming. And a lot of stuff vegans don’t eat is actually pretty good for us.

But I can get behind the whole cutting out dairy thing.

I know – insane. Who could live without cheese or Alfredo sauce or ice cream? And I’m talking the real stuff, not vegan versions made with soy or whatever.

However, while I am not living without these things, I do live with a lot less of them than I used to.

Biggest difference? Way. Better. Digestion. Waybetter.

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Soapbox: Healthful Reminders Part 2 of 3

milk documentray film flierMissed the first installment? Never fear, Part 1 is here.

Now for the second part of my little health rant – originally an email for family, now a refresher for me as I try to control my sweet tooth and get ready to lose 25 pounds of pregnancy weight.

I want to step back a minute and say that, though I might sound obsessed (and perhaps am, a little), my goal is not to cheat death or live to be 120 or anything like that. My hope is to live to the average life expectancy, hitting at least 80 or so.

I want to see my kids and grand kids grow up and do all the awesome things I know they’ll do. And I don’t want to watch from a wheelchair or be weighed down by medications and treatments. Everybody’s going to die from something, but why not put the odds in your favor for not having a slow and painful demise? If you want to live, don’t you want to live well? Then read on, loves:)

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