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Good Editors Harsh Your Buzz

Disclaimer: I do not promote or support non-consensual face editing, whether it be by Copy Editor Cat or anyone else.

At the moment, I work with an amazing editor. Not only does she have her own content brand and some notable clients, but she is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, clear and generous. In a world where one can end up working for pennies on unpredictable schedules with clients who think writing takes as little time as typing, this is something to celebrate.

Something else I appreciate – she doesn’t let me get lazy. It’s easy, after working with the same editor on recurring assignments, to get a little soft, and autopilot through the week’s piece. While I should treat each new article like the first for that end client, I realize I sometimes simplify sentences that could say more, and don’t give due attention to cited sources. Fortunately, my editor has a good eye.

Better yet, she has a cool head and patient hand. At this stage of the writing game, no editor feedback is more unsettling than some, and detailed, constructive feedback is a must for a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship. Oh, and if that editor is paying you properly for your time, addressing that feedback is also a must.

When I left my full-time-with-benefits, nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday gig to become a freelance writer, I was ready to be happy with any job from any client, despite having experience and a degree. For a while, that readiness served me and my nerves well. Still, I’m glad to be through that period. I’ve been fortunate to connect and work with some fabulous people, who are lovely not only as professionals but as humans. Lovely humans who know exactly when I need to sit up straight and pay attention and keep getting better. It’s well worth the buzz kill.

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Lesson Learned


I have no idea how it happened.

Typically when an editor asks that a document be resent, it’s a simple matter of having attached the wrong file or needing to recreate the same document as a different file type.

However, this week, I somehow managed to save and send something that appeared as nothing but Wingdings and white space. And when I dug around to find a clean version, I came up empty handed. I had an “o4 File Type” and an increasingly sweaty brow.

Fortunately, I managed to recover the text by opening with Wordpad, and relatively quickly get everything into a nice, and even slightly improved, second version.

Now, this is all pretty boring stuff for most, and an admittance of my imperfection as a human and a freelance writer. But it brought two things home to me:

  1. I have a gem of an editor in this client. She is patient, communicative and highly organized. As I so often am, I am deeply appreciative of the professionals with whom I work.
  2. Pay attention all the time, to everything. I’m still getting used to a relatively new computer, and am guessing my mistake was something stupid and completely avoidable. For now, I blame my ignorance of Windows 8, but that can’t last long.

On those days when we feel like inadequate versions of ourselves, and want nothing more than to be 10 or 17 or 23, it’s good to remember that now is what we looked forward to all those years ago, and a lot of good is welded to these fields of learning and monotony and anxiety.

With that, I sign off for the week and take myself to Craft Night with the girls. To your weekend!

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