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Good Editors Harsh Your Buzz

Disclaimer: I do not promote or support non-consensual face editing, whether it be by Copy Editor Cat or anyone else.

At the moment, I work with an amazing editor. Not only does she have her own content brand and some notable clients, but she is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, clear and generous. In a world where one can end up working for pennies on unpredictable schedules with clients who think writing takes as little time as typing, this is something to celebrate.

Something else I appreciate – she doesn’t let me get lazy. It’s easy, after working with the same editor on recurring assignments, to get a little soft, and autopilot through the week’s piece. While I should treat each new article like the first for that end client, I realize I sometimes simplify sentences that could say more, and don’t give due attention to cited sources. Fortunately, my editor has a good eye.

Better yet, she has a cool head and patient hand. At this stage of the writing game, no editor feedback is more unsettling than some, and detailed, constructive feedback is a must for a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship. Oh, and if that editor is paying you properly for your time, addressing that feedback is also a must.

When I left my full-time-with-benefits, nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday gig to become a freelance writer, I was ready to be happy with any job from any client, despite having experience and a degree. For a while, that readiness served me and my nerves well. Still, I’m glad to be through that period. I’ve been fortunate to connect and work with some fabulous people, who are lovely not only as professionals but as humans. Lovely humans who know exactly when I need to sit up straight and pay attention and keep getting better. It’s well worth the buzz kill.

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Winning Freelance

mom glasses blonde toddler daughterIf I’m being completely honest, I’ll say freelance writing is tough.

Sometimes it feels like a pointless chase, accompanied by an empty bank account and too many dead ends.

This is not one of those times.

Over the recent months, I’ve been fortunate to connect with a few new, amazing clients (and friends – you know who you are). In fact, I’ve actually turned down good work due to a full plate. Better yet, I’ve purchased items without worrying about dipping into the red. Rather than living like a poor college student, I’m beginning to organize my finances like a parent in her 30s.

Most happily of all, I haven’t searched local job listings in weeks. This is what it’s all about.

Perhaps the traditional employer-employee relationship isn’t for you. Maybe you have a skill that isn’t being used, and going stagnant in a job that doesn’t let you grow. Likely, you’re drawn to the idea of working on your own terms and schedule, and taking time off as needed, and wanted, to go live in the real world (or on the beach).

That’s going to mean hard work and time. It requires interacting with people who recognize and appreciate your skill, and developing real relationships with professionals who actually understand what you do. Further, you need to seek out the truly valuable opportunities, rather than swamp yourself with jobs that demand too much and pay too little.

Freelance writing is not making me rich. It’s not making me famous. But it is letting me control my own career, and see way more of my husband, daughter and friends than I would with a traditional job. Win. So much win.

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