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Autumn Acceptance

girl with veggie pumpkin plateEvery year, I kind of have to resign myself to Autumn. Don’t get me wrong – I like the colors and the cozy and the flavors. I also love LOVE Halloween. I just don’t like how the warmth continues to wane and the gray of winter draws nearer, both events accompanied by drier skin and higher bills.

Usually, though, by October, I’ve accepted it. This Sunday was a gloomy one, and we spent the afternoon with seasonal wines and peanut soup. I got some work done in our upper level, which escaped the deep clean and decrapify we did in the Spring. I even found an unopened package of cushiony socks. It’s the little things.

Hope you’ve started stocking for mulled wine and planning those excellent costumes. Food and festivity are essential for making it through the cold, as are good times with old friends. Get as much as you can – of all of it.

To your week!

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New Look!

A while back, WordPress discontinued my theme (Pressrow), and replaced it with a similar one (Pilcrow).

I just today realized that I could radically alter the appearance of my blog with this new theme, and spent the afternoon and evening playing with backgrounds and colors and sidebars and widgets. It was super fun.

I’m still trying to get things figured out, but I’ve got some new features and links, so feel free to poke around!

Thanks for visiting:)


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