New Look!

A while back, WordPress discontinued my theme (Pressrow), and replaced it with a similar one (Pilcrow).

I just today realized that I could radically alter the appearance of my blog with this new theme, and spent the afternoon and evening playing with backgrounds and colors and sidebars and widgets. It was super fun.

I’m still trying to get things figured out, but I’ve got some new features and links, so feel free to poke around!

Thanks for visiting:)


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2 Responses to New Look!

  1. Nice work, Katie! You didn’t need me for anything .. after .. all ..

    Boy do I feel useless now …

    But great job!

  2. Katie Reilly Mitchell

    Hi Bossman!

    Thanks for the props… but it took me a ridiculously long time to get anywhere with this. You’d laugh to see how excited I was when I realized I knew how to make a header in MSPaint;)

    Good way to spend a snow day though!

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