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Family New Year’s Eve

I’m excited, because I get to spend New Year’s Eve with my sister, my husband’s brother and their awesome spouses.

The kiddos will be there as well, but they’ll probably be playing, chilling and fighting in the basement.

Growing up, I always thought of New Year’s Eve as a “friend” holiday, and still do, in a way. Of course, having a little one means the bar isn’t so much an option these days. Fortunately, we have spectacular siblings who are also our friends, and I think we’ll have as much fun as we ever did in the past.

My siblings like to eat, drink and be merry just as much as I do – the bar and food tables are set to be fully stocked. Yes. No lack of fun in sight.

Here’s to your New Year, however you might be spending it. My best to you and yours as we sail into 2015!

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Halloween fairy garden

The fairies are ready for Halloween!

Title because I like the way it sounds. Also, because Fall and potential fanciness.

It’s been quite the week, friends. But things ended on higher notes, and now I’m preparing to head to New Orleans on Thursday. My three dearest middle/high school ladies are I are celebrating 20 years of friendship by going to the city that gave us Anne Rice, Creole awareness and something to dream about during those long Michigan winters of our youth.

Of course, it’s also now Halloween season. My new favorite thing is Iris exclaiming “It’s so exciting!” (complete with dramatic tremble) every time I mention seasonal decorations. Over the weekend we took out the black lace table cloth, stuck bats to our walls and checked out the festive taste of our resident fairies, who apparently create wonderful jack-o-lanterns (garden pictured above).

We also hit up the Enchanted Trail at Fat Blossom Farm (with which I am in love). Other points of interest – Michigan Radio member mixer, ArtPrize, Sushi Maki and brownies. A good weekend.

A big part of me loves October, despite its foreboding of The Great White Dark. Every year, I come a little closer to re-embracing the spooky kid sentiment of the aforementioned youth. I have a feeling this year will be helped along by a fancy frock dinner or two in The Big Easy.

Put on something fabulous and enhance your home with some festive black. When else are we allowed to so celebrate the beauty of a little fear?

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A Change of Plans…

girl toddler pink sleeper booksThis was going to be a post about the opening of the St. Patrick’s Day season, in which I told you of the lovely time we had at Family Day with our friends from Quinn & Tuite’s Irish Pub.

Instead, it is a post about how I now feel like a real parent. Because I have been vomited upon by a small child to whom I gave birth. It is about plans that went from green and dancing and the making of merry to a liter of electrolyte fluid and endless loads of laundry.

On Friday evening, Iris seemed just a little off, though it was nothing a good night of sleep wouldn’t fix. I’d been telling her all day that on Saturday, we were going to go somewhere special, and see all kinds of wonderful people and hear great music to which we could dance. I created an outfit comprising a green sweater and skirt, and set out tights and green accessories.

We hung the St. Patrick’s Day decorations while listening to the Waking Ned Divine soundtrack. Iris learned about cheap bead necklaces, and squealed at the strings of Irish flag lights strewn around the house. It was awesome.

But on Saturday morning, I awoke to the noise of choking and sputtering and what sounded like heaving in the monitor. Hardly conscious, I ran down to a crying Iris, who was learning an uncomfortable lesson about being human.

The day saw us cleaning up multiple GI upsets, and washing several piles of sleepers and blankets and robes. I made the trek to Meijer (in a mounting snow storm) for some hydrating fluids. We watched hours of Thomas. Iris did a lot of resting on her parents – which, admittedly, both of us liked, despite the circumstances.

Plans change. People learn about being people, and existing in a family unit. Still, even though my child seems to have it out for my favorite holiday and its festivities (beginning with her March 17th birth), it’s beyond worth it to have my own little rockstar who heals her unhappy tummy, in part, with books.

Oh, and also – February is over! Spring is only three weeks away, whatever the snowbanks out my door might say. Happy March!


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For Something Completely Different…

Leslie Hall three women pose

Some pictures contain true joy.

For my lifelong friends the Hoekzema girls (aka FransGirls – official makers of the 2014 Michigan State Christmas ornaments!), cuddling in front of a camera with Leslie Hall was the fodder for just such an image.

If you don’t know about Leslie Hall, she’s a musician, a comedian and the Mistress of Gem Sweaters. She’s sass and love. She is a genuine rockstar. She helps restore my faith in humanity.

We gathered at the Pyramid Scheme on Saturday night to welcome Leslie for her second concert appearance in Grand Rapids. I was five days post-partum, and so absent, for the first.

The experience of Leslie Hall is like nothing else. Although I didn’t manage to get my own picture with her, I had the honor of helping her stay aloft during a crowd surf. I can honestly say it was one of the most awesomely hilarious and thrilling moments of my life.

High Kicks, Body Rolls and Gold Lamé? Yes please.


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Freelance Connections: Kindred Clients

kindred spirits Anne Green Gables

There was no question about the image that would accompany such a title.

I don’t make a habit of becoming overly friendly with my clients. While there is certainly always pleasant chit-chat and some insight into personal lives, we’re both there to get a job done, and don’t tend to form deep, personal connections.

At the moment, I’m working with a local custom home builder, and part of that work is developing biographical material for their site. The designer – a woman I believe to be around my own age – sent me an email the other day with some information about who she is and what she likes. I was glad to see that she enjoys cooking from scratch, makes a serious effort to lessen her impact on the environment and uses humor as therapy.

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Water Water, Gloom and Sun

This weekend, we spent what will probably be the last summer 2011 night at the family cabins. It’s always a little sad.

Worse, the weather was not really conducive to activities like swimming and sweating. There were a few moments of sun and heat, but for the most part, we were adding layers of clothing instead of sunscreen.

Then again, as much as I hate to admit it, there was also that oddly comforting whiff of fall in the air. I can think of a few reasons that the changing of the seasons would excite me this year, but in truth, I could live in a Michigan summer forever. That whiff saddened me more than it excited me.

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