Seven Months Free(lance)

number seven green whiteLast night I went back and read my first freelance Friday post. I wrote it just over seven months ago, on what happened to be my sixth wedding anniversary.

My tone was pretty confident, considering I was secretly six weeks pregnant and technically unemployed, and about to tackle the annual season that had temporarily broken me the winter before. I’d like to call myself brave, but the truth is that I had a bed I’d made and some unavoidable challenges. I had no choice but to adopt a good attitude.

I’m happy to report that, while I’ve not made the millions every freelance writer dreams of, I remain steadfast in my decision to leave my job. The most important reason for this is that I firmly believe my pregnancy has been much healthier than it would have been in my pre-July 22 condition. Stress is an evil, evil thing, and not worth the (underpaid and underchallenged) position I occupied.

And although I wouldn’t call all of my freelance work intensely exciting and fulfilling, at least I’m in the realm of my expertise most of the time. Writing, editing and book pushing are at least reliant on my honed skill… much more so than pointless meetings and battling the boss for sensible change.

I am also happy that I won’t have to beg for a room at work within which to use my Cadillac of a breast pump.

From this point on, I can’t guarantee regular posts for a while. Our due date is still two weeks away, but I suppose I should be ready for things to get started early. As I’m never early for anything, that goal requires planning. Maybe I’ll try to schedule a few things in advance, but most likely not.

Here’s to another week, and the beginning of the month that means Spring, St. Pat’s and all things non-winter!


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  1. Tadd

    I’m glad you did it, Katie. That place is a hole. I hear reports even to this day and it makes me glad that I got out. Wish a few other good folks could make that leap.

    Good luck on the very very near baby!

    • Katie

      Yup, me too. I talk to folks and am just reminded of why I left – why we all left. And I think we had good reason. They’ll get out of there:) And thanks for the well wishes, bossman! 😉

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