Family New Year’s Eve

I’m excited, because I get to spend New Year’s Eve with my sister, my husband’s brother and their awesome spouses.

The kiddos will be there as well, but they’ll probably be playing, chilling and fighting in the basement.

Growing up, I always thought of New Year’s Eve as a “friend” holiday, and still do, in a way. Of course, having a little one means the bar isn’t so much an option these days. Fortunately, we have spectacular siblings who are also our friends, and I think we’ll have as much fun as we ever did in the past.

My siblings like to eat, drink and be merry just as much as I do – the bar and food tables are set to be fully stocked. Yes. No lack of fun in sight.

Here’s to your New Year, however you might be spending it. My best to you and yours as we sail into 2015!

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