A Change of Plans…

girl toddler pink sleeper booksThis was going to be a post about the opening of the St. Patrick’s Day season, in which I told you of the lovely time we had at Family Day with our friends from Quinn & Tuite’s Irish Pub.

Instead, it is a post about how I now feel like a real parent. Because I have been vomited upon by a small child to whom I gave birth. It is about plans that went from green and dancing and the making of merry to a liter of electrolyte fluid and endless loads of laundry.

On Friday evening, Iris seemed just a little off, though it was nothing a good night of sleep wouldn’t fix. I’d been telling her all day that on Saturday, we were going to go somewhere special, and see all kinds of wonderful people and hear great music to which we could dance. I created an outfit comprising a green sweater and skirt, and set out tights and green accessories.

We hung the St. Patrick’s Day decorations while listening to the Waking Ned Divine soundtrack. Iris learned about cheap bead necklaces, and squealed at the strings of Irish flag lights strewn around the house. It was awesome.

But on Saturday morning, I awoke to the noise of choking and sputtering and what sounded like heaving in the monitor. Hardly conscious, I ran down to a crying Iris, who was learning an uncomfortable lesson about being human.

The day saw us cleaning up multiple GI upsets, and washing several piles of sleepers and blankets and robes. I made the trek to Meijer (in a mounting snow storm) for some hydrating fluids. We watched hours of Thomas. Iris did a lot of resting on her parents – which, admittedly, both of us liked, despite the circumstances.

Plans change. People learn about being people, and existing in a family unit. Still, even though my child seems to have it out for my favorite holiday and its festivities (beginning with her March 17th birth), it’s beyond worth it to have my own little rockstar who heals her unhappy tummy, in part, with books.

Oh, and also – February is over! Spring is only three weeks away, whatever the snowbanks out my door might say. Happy March!


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  1. Mary Borst Reilly Mitchell

    I’m so glad Iris’ feeling better now. Can’t wait to see her.

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