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Leslie Hall three women pose

Some pictures contain true joy.

For my lifelong friends the Hoekzema girls (aka FransGirls – official makers of the 2014 Michigan State Christmas ornaments!), cuddling in front of a camera with Leslie Hall was the fodder for just such an image.

If you don’t know about Leslie Hall, she’s a musician, a comedian and the Mistress of Gem Sweaters. She’s sass and love. She is a genuine rockstar. She helps restore my faith in humanity.

We gathered at the Pyramid Scheme on Saturday night to welcome Leslie for her second concert appearance in Grand Rapids. I was five days post-partum, and so absent, for the first.

The experience of Leslie Hall is like nothing else. Although I didn’t manage to get my own picture with her, I had the honor of helping her stay aloft during a crowd surf. I can honestly say it was one of the most awesomely hilarious and thrilling moments of my life.

High Kicks, Body Rolls and Gold Lamé? Yes please.


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