Michigan Irish Music Festival, 2013

mother toddler festival tent crackers

This weekend, we said to heck with responsibility and drove out to Muskegon for the annual Michigan Irish Music Festival.

Iris looks like a bit of a disgruntled leprechaun here, with a mouth full of peanut butter crackers. She’s no doubt wondering about the deep fried Snickers bar and spiral cut potato fries she got to enjoy two years ago, when I was about three months pregnant. We kept things moderate with wet bean burritos this time.

Although the weather was cool, and a few favored friends were absent, we kept warm with stout and dance, and spent a little time with other beloved friends. One of the best things was that between songs, after Iris had been spinning circles and stomping a pudgy leg, everyone, including our toddler, would clap. Iris assumed, of course, that the applause was for her, and beamed at the crowd with her own “Yyyyaaaaaayyy!!!”

Unlike with festivals past, we went home at about 10pm, rather than crash at the nearby Holiday Inn at 4am. I admit it was nice to wake up without a headache.


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