“Don We Now” the Holiday Game Face

humand head on figurine

I certainly do my share of holiday grinching. I make it no secret that this time of year drives me a little bit crazy, what with the get together scheduling, making sure to see those home for a few days, traveling to visit relatives and spending a ton of money.

Don’t get me wrong – I love holidays and celebrations and time with friends and family. It just feels like we have to squeeze these very important things in because the rest of the world wants us to ultimately remain working drones and mindless consumers.

Ideally, we’d all get a week off in which to visit, cook, eat, exchange modest but meaningful gifts and celebrate the various religious, cultural and seasonal aspects that we hold dear. But we don’t. Those of us who live in the winter clime must bundle up and accept the mayhem.

On the upside, as I’m on my own freelance schedule, this year may be a bit easier as far as finding time to enjoy my loved ones, which is nice. I’ll also have more time to prepare gifts, which my freelance income dictates must be modest and meaningful.

This past weekend saw us well on our way to Holidays 2011. Saturday we were up bright and early to head out to the tree farm with our neighbors. Since we typically keep a second shift schedule, being up, dressed, accomplishing things and making breakfast before 11am was a big deal. We powered through the daze of “up too early” on very little sleep and busted out the Christmas decor. It took most of the day, but the house is now super cozy with colored lights everywhere and the scent of pine wafting though the lower level.

On Sunday we watched our niece and nephews in their Christmas choir concert. There’s really nothing cuter than a bunch of 4-10 year olds performing familiar music under their own interpretation. And we’reĀ  lucky enough to have one of the 7 year olds and three of the 4 year olds waving at us and their parents from the front of the church. It was great.

The best part of the weekend? No snow! I’m assuming we’ll get hit sooner or later, but so far, December isn’t so bad.


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3 Responses to “Don We Now” the Holiday Game Face

  1. Hang in there. This can be a trying season. Best, as you’ve wished, to savor its simple gifts. And those are the kind of wishes one can make come true.

    • Katie

      Thanks for the encouragement:) The little things really are the best parts, and I think it’s easier to see that with age. Hope you and yours have a great season!

  2. Same to you and yours. The hospitality and warmth down south softens the season a bit, but we like knowing of such a bright light up in the north country.

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