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The Assignment that Never Ends…

never ending wood board road

In the past, I’ve had work assignments that were big, and seemed like they’d never be over.

The one I completed last night took the cake.

While it was technically due by 5pm yesterday, most writers working on the numerous parts (myself included) were finding the articles to take significantly longer than expected. Our overlord (a very nice guy, incidentally), allowed us until today to finish, and you could hear the collective sighs of relief from our various remote locations across the country.

Perhaps it was all the Dutch names. Maybe it was our general unfamiliarity with the Dutch landscape. Or it could have been the monotony of the keywords. I like to think it was all of these, tossed in with some characteristic writer procrastination.

Whatever the case, I felt as though I’d be writing these pages for the rest of my life. Even as I chipped away at the individual pieces, the pile never seemed to diminish.

Sadly, there are times when being a writer is the primary thing that destroys my inclination to write. Specifically, professional freelance writing sometimes leaves little energy for the screen time and thought process of personal creative writing.

By the end of the typing marathon, all I wanted to do was eat carbs and watch Dracula.

Still, it’s worlds better than limited lunch time. There are always those green patches on the other side, but I’ll continue to graze over here for a while.

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Freelance Colleagues

two people work friends drawingQuick tip to anyone out there hoping to make their way as freelancers – find yourself a buddy. Hook up with someone who provides a service that complements yours. For me, as a writer, I have benefited greatly from knowing a local web designer.

He’s been in the game longer than I have, and has generously connected me with some super awesome clients. It’s so wonderful to have a sort of colleague who’s in town, easy to talk to and able to advance my career as I support what he’s already got going.

The situation makes me feel good about my decision to go freelance. Despite the moments of doubt, and the tougher financial stretches that do sometimes occur, I am, once again, certain that I am light years better off than if I were still punching in at the office gig I left over a year and a half ago.

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