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preschool girl flowerThis morning, we brought our almost three-and-a-half-year-old to preschool. Overall, it went very well, but I must admit to feeling a touch of sadness (as does her dad).

Iris’ expression here is reflective of not only the early (to us) hour, but our family’s swing between excitement and hesitancy. For us, as parents, we’ve handed our baby over to strangers who care about her no more than they do other students, which is a good thing. We have an extra monthly cost, which is never ideal. Iris is going to learn for fun and, in some cases, the hard way. Like I said, good overall.

For Iris, as a first-time student, this has to be weird. She’s not shy, and had no problem kissing us goodbye as she played with a dollhouse. But I’m guessing things will be less smooth at nap-time. Really though, I can’t stop thinking about how she’s already experiencing something I never did – preschool. Children outpace their parents in so many ways, and it starts early.

Of course, I’m also admitting to a personal upswing in all of this – more time for work and personal projects! My Mondays and Wednesdays will be starting earlier and progressing less chaotically (until February, that is), and this could mean great things for my career. I had 30 years of me-time before Iris, and I do look forward to regaining a small piece of that.

But, come 5pm, my little Squishy will be picked up by a very eager mother, who misses her face and questions already.

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