Replacing Labor with Whimsy (and discounts on cute stuff!)

two toddlers dress up sunglasses

Whimsy Hip

My daughter has great taste in all respects, as you can see.

It’s Labor Day, and it’s also the beginning of September. The days of indoor play and holiday gifting will be here before we know it. Might I recommend The Tea Time Princess?

cherry tea party food fabrics

Cherry patterned tea party accessories

The Tea Time Princess is a collection of clothing, accessories and gifts created by Sopheap H. I’ve been a big fan ever since she made my wedding dress in 2005, not to mention all the gorgeous things she’s designed for Iris. In the past year she’s launched an Etsy shop that exemplifies her love of timeless whimsy and imaginative fun. If there’s a wee one in your life under the age of 7 (8, 10, 40…), chances are you’ll find something for him or her in Sopheap’s line.

A mother herself, Sopheap is passionate about encouraging creative play. Iris and I both adore the tea party accessories pictured here, which are just one of many designs. Mini top hats and purses are also great for dress-up and pretending.

black birthday mini top hat

How dapper!

Something customers respond to in particular are the birthday outfits, which, happily, can include top hats and play food. Iris is actually wearing one of the newest birthday items in the picture above – a colorful dress layered over a ribbon-trimmed tutu. The front of the dress has a large, dotted “2″ candle, and at the back, a rainbow ruffle-bum bustle (my new favorite phrase). I mentioned to Sopheap that the dress could work for 1 or 5 or, heck, even 34!

blue striped onesie bow tie


Can we talk about onesies? Because is there anything more convenient and practical than a onesie? What about a onesie that comes accessorized with a bow tie or bustle? Sopheap makes these for all occasions, and is expanding her preemie and newborn collection.

So, you’ve found something you love at The Tea Time Princess. In honor of her own birthday month, Sopheap is offering my readers a 5% discount when they enter the code SEPTBIRTHDAY5B at checkout. This coupon code is good starting today (September 1, 2014), and through Tuesday, September 30, 2014. When you make a purchase with this code, you’ll receive a second coupon code for your next selection. Bonus!

toddler girl pink green dress hat teaHoping for custom pieces? Sopheap welcomes custom work, and is honored when customers entrust her with these special orders. You’ll find a button for custom orders in the “Shop Owner” section at the left of her Etsy page.

My friend is always coming up with fabulous ideas for her line, and she does it while working part time and maintaining a lovely family (hubby and three kids). Needless to say, she’s a powerhouse, and deserves a great birthday month.

Treat yourself and a special babe this holiday weekend, and have a safe and lovely Labor Day!

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