Beans & Greens for the Veggie Yank

white beans greens

White Beans & Kale Greens

I spent some time in Kentucky last week, and was introduced to the phenomenon known as Beans & Greens.

Exactly what it sounds like, this dish features beans, well cooked greens and perhaps some garnishes. It’s also typically cooked in bacon fat.

I came home with the mission of creating a vegetarian version of Beans & Greens. Last night I cooked white beans in vegetable broth, and Russian red kale with garlic and pepper. Served on toast, with some red onion slices and relish, it was pretty tasty, though certainly not indulgent.

Mainly, it’s a satisfying meal from which I can walk away feeling good. It’s also super inexpensive.

Why have I not thought of this before?

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