Freelance Equipment: Motor Car

boy girl vintage motor carThere are certain things that one expects to need in a freelance writing career. A computer. A phone. Access to scanners and fax machines. A web cam.

A vehicle, perhaps, might not seem like an essential or regular part of working for oneself. Isn’t the whole point to be able to work in bed and never wear real clothes? Why would a freelance writer want to go anywhere?

If you’re a writer who works from home, you’re likely thinking “um, duh.” Never leaving the house is OK for some aspects of freelance (the actual writing, non-local clients), but can be severely limiting in others. Unless you live somewhere with excellent public transportation, you will have a hard time literally getting out there. And if you want to grow as a freelancer, you have to Get. Out. There.

Social media has made it easier for many creatives to stay in their hidey holes, myself included. But I can say from experience that face to face meetings, networking events and having actually seen the locations about which you blog are vital to an engaging freelance career that goes beyond working as an SEO content factory.

At the moment, my husband and I share a car. Between it and occasional rides from others, we do just fine. But, when Iris is a little older, and I have more time to focus on not just doing the work I have, but really growing, a second car will be a must. Until then, I will enjoy the lower insurance bills.

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