Queen Reluctant

queen of hearts playing cardThis is really not anything… simply phrases that my brain said while I was in the bathhouse shower of a shoreline campground, with a little extra added for length.


If the circumstances of my birth had been different, if I’d been born poor, male or five centuries later perhaps, I could have made something of myself.

Instead, something was made of me.

The girl that I was did not want to be queen. I’d seen what it had done to my aunt, and wanted only to live life unencumbered by the weight of a nation and constant threat of death. It’s astounding how little one can relax when seeing assassination lurking around every corner.

But, here I am, and here I shall stay. I hope at least that it will be entertaining.


Off topic: It has been three years today since I last ate meat (other than seafood). My overall dietary philosophies have changed somewhat, but I am still very glad to not be supporting an industry that feeds people low quality meat and meat products, and mistreats the animals that share our terrain.

It is also my dear mother’s birthday :)


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