From My Family to Yours…

family at dinner table

Another Christmas here and gone. Except in my family, most of the parties are yet to come.

With the deaths, births and marriages of the past couple decades, the Reilly, Borst, Mitchell and Barnes clans have had to rearrange our old holiday traditions. Pretty much all of our get-togethers happen between Christmas Day and New Year’s.

Today we’re on the road, headed to southern Ohio to visit my dad’s side of the family. That trip has become especially fun in recent years as our two cousins on that side are well into their teens… It’s been great to watch them develop into two smart and funny individuals.

This morning we did Christmas with the immediate family. Brunch was a great way to get ready for the six hour car ride. Sadly, my husband has to stay in town for work this year – I shall miss him greatly. On the upside, it means me, Miss M. and our food cooler get the backseat to ourselves.

I hope you had a lovely and peaceful weekend, no matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year. If you can, keep enjoying your family, friends and food during the coming week.

Laethanta saoire sona!



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